No Appreciation (Daily Word Prompt is Overworked)

I am overworked and underpaid

in fact I am not paid at all.

No appreciation,

no encouragement,

no thank you.

I work this job many times a week

while others just watch, stare and peek.

There is an awful gross disgusting smell

but I still must complete my job very well.

When my work is done they want to show their appreciation to me

by jumping in their litter box and squatting and peeing for me to see.

They are so glad

so they must add

a lot more poop

for me to scoop.

Cleaning out the dirty litter box is an awful job I hate,

but when it is time to clean the litter box, it cannot wait.

I have to do this job often but I GET A GREAT PAY 

from the LOVE and JOY my cats give to me everyday.







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