Please READ—A Reblog ~Two Week Notice~

This is a reblog from another blogger. When I read this post it reminded me too much of my words five months ago and I had to reach out. Please share some love, support and words of encouragement. We are in this together. So many of you helped me when I was in trouble and struggling. I am and will be forever grateful to all of you for that.  I pray she is okay. Thank you for reading and helping. Much love and hugs, Sue

Bipolar Tapestry~Poetic Thoughts

Dear God up above I can still feel your love…. but I’m sorry to say I must leave go away~ you called me a light worker, I can only do so much never ever figured out what is the human touch.

You blessed me with human a beautiful baby boy. I’m entrusting you to him, he is a child and yet my sin~

Laying by the devils side it isn’t hard to decide, he is the God of this world I now see, and I figured out the exit for me…. for any who look and choose to see, my mission complete~

So just give two weeks notice and keep the memories they serve no purpose when I’m gone. My words will live on and on. I planted seeds along the way, somehow though was led astray. So here I am Lord here I lay so I request an early…

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