Today is Not My Tomorrow – (with an uplifting music video and lyrics)

It is time to branch off

from the narrowness of my mind.

I must not make a division in my life

that blocks my ability to see.

I must expand my vision to see more.

I must become more aware of the narrow-mindedness

that can cloud my vision and blind me

from seeing the entire picture of my life.

I need to check and recheck my vision, desires and goals for my life

to make sure I will focus on what is necessary and important

for my survival and for a happy and fulfilling life.

I need to wear a new pair of eye glasses

that will help me understand, accept and see

that my vision and memory may be slightly impaired.

I need to understand that it is okay and this is who I am, right now.

I may need to fight harder than most, just to get out of bed and live some days,

but I must accept that this is my reality, for today.

I must have faith and hope

and know that this does not mean today is my tomorrow. 

I must begin by seeing my life in a new light.

I must fight and work hard to make my life better and brighter.

I will wear my new eye glasses of faith and hope,

so I can see my life and future

with a better, clearer and brighter vision

of acceptance, clarity, beauty, faith, hope and peace.

I pray this to be true for me and for you.

I pray God blesses your tree of life abundantly

with many strong, wise, loving and beautiful branches

and that your vision and the view of your life

becomes a lasting and beautiful image.

~written by Sue Walz



“May the optimism of tomorrow be your foundation for today. ~Wale

I accidentally found this song and I love it. Keep listening. It gets better. It is a beautiful African Gospel song. I can’t get enough of it now. The words are amazing and the tune and words are now stuck in my head. These words are the kind of words I want and need to remember always.

If you have not noticed yet. I find music to be very  powerful and an extremely important and necessary part of my recovery and faith.

Music helps me by filling my brain with words, music, beauty and joy I need to hear. Music distracts my mind from negativity and pain and fills my heart and spirit with love and joy.

I hope it helps you, as well. I feel music and art are very important for all of us. There are studies done that show how the brain changes favorably while listening to music.

Keep listening to uplifting, inspirational and happy music,

and improve your brain, mind, heart and soul.

Like I wrote before, I think this song may be permanently stuck in my head.

That is okay, because I always need to remember that…

tomorrow is going to be better than today. 

“My Tomorrow Must Be Greater Than Today” Lyrics by David Ekene

My tomorrow must be greater than today x2

His hands are not short
That He can cannot reach to you
His eyes are never blind (that) He cannot see your tears
His ears are not deaf
That he cannot hear you cry
Your tomorrow must be greater than today

No matter what I face
No matter what I see
No matter what comes my way
No matter how I cry
One thing I know That is definitely in my heart
My tomorrow must be greater than today x2

(Hallelujah) I’m gonna sing in my/your tomorrow
(Hallelujah) I’m gonna dance in my/your tomorrow
(Hallelujah) I’m gonna testify in my/your tomorrow
One thing I know – that is definitely in my/your heart
My tomorrow must be greater than today x2


My tomorrow must be greater,
Far greater than today (Repeat)
I can see an open heaven
Pouring down blessing in my life
I can see x2 better tomorrow
Don’t you cry x2 Oh mama
I can see broken hearts are mended
I can see the could has gathered
Tomorrow x3
Tomorrow, check me out tomorrow x?

Copyright © By Susan Walz and – All written content and personal artwork is © and Susan Walz. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author/owner/artist is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to My Loud Bipolar Whispers and/or Susan Walz with appropriate and specific directions to the original content. (With the exception of the quotes and song, video and lyrics “Tomorrow is going to be better today” by David Ekene)


      1. I know a missionary here in my town who has been in Africa. Many people here think that her and her husband are heroes. She has always said that her heroes are a group of men (elders) in a small village. She got to pray with them once (she is a powerful prayer warrior) as they gathered. She said that they simply beat rocks or sticks together, and set the beat by stamping their feet. She told me that she kept up for about 4 or 5 hours, but they went on all night and through the day, a full 24 hours before they stopped. She said she had never been in a greater worship service before or since.

        I like that story because it reminds me that we really don’t have to have all that the world thinks we need to succeed at what we’re doing. We simply use what we have, whether that’s rocks or sticks, or something else. We just do our best and keep on trying.

        Few people will ever know about those men, but I’m certain that God knows each of them very well, appreciates their praise, and loves them…What else do we really need to accomplish?

        Glad you’re feeling better. God bless!

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      2. Wow! What you just wrote was BEAUTIFUL. You should put that in a post. It brought me joy to read that. It was beautiful. You should share what you wrote on a post… really. It was so lovely and made me happy. It was a beautiful story and I love what you said about it. Awesome awesome awesome. Thank you very much for sharing that with me. I love to hear those kind of beautiful stories and words. So full of love and insight. Thank you. Much love, Sue

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