Heaven Don’t Want Me Yet (Daily Word Prompt is Rhythmic)

Dance is the movement of the body in a rhythmic  way, usually to the rhythm, melody and lyrics of music for the purpose of expressing an idea or emotion, or from simply enjoying the beautiful movement of the dance.

My oldest daughter Kylie is a very gifted and talented dancer and has danced throughout her life even obtaining a degree from Belhaven University in Jackson , Mississippi for dance and a minor in accounting. After obtaining her degree from Belhaven University, she danced in New York for a while and danced on a company in Illinois. She also danced in the movie Pitch Perfect 2 in the finale number and has danced in a few other things as well.

Kylie took dance lessons since she was 3 years old and also competed in many dance competitions, usually findng her own music and choreographing her own dances. She has always been a very talented choreographer and dancer and became a better choreographer and dancer after graduating from Belhaven.

One of the my favorite things to do with my daughter Kylie was always staying up very late with her the night before dance competitions while she found her music and choreographed her dances. I loved doing this with her and in fact miss doing it and really miss watching her dance.

I would give Kylie a tiny bit of advice that she sometimes took, but I was mostly there to watch her, encourage her, give her some moral support and to also let her know how amazingly talented she always was. However, she was always extremely humble and did not take compliments very well.

This next video is my Kylie in High School at a dance competition performing a dance she choreographed herself.

I was severely ill with my bipolar disorder symptoms at the time and was also having severe side effects and adverse reactions to the new medications they were giving me to the point that I could barely even walk.

The words “heaven don’t want me” were speaking to me telling me that I needed to stay alive. Heaven is not ready for me yet. I felt these words related a lot to bipolar disorder, mental illness and suicide.

Even though my Kylie really didn’t want to dance to this song, she did it anyway, just for me. Thank you my beautiful baby girl. I love you.

This song and this dance will always be very special to me and will hold a very special place in my heart.

Please listen carefully to the words of this song and hopefully they will be meaningful to you as well touching your heart in a special place. I hope you enjoy my daughter’s choreography and dance. Thank you for watching.

“Hiding Under Water” performed my daughter Kylie.

After Kylie got married she decided to come back home and is now a dance teacher and choreographer at the same studio she took lessons at. She is kind of in charge, taking on many responsibilities at the studio. My Kylie is a very Godly young woman and lives her life for Christ and runs a weekly worship group at the studio for young dancers helping them get to know and love Jesus Christ. I am very proud of her, of course.

Ways we worship and praise our Lord:

  1. We praise Him by Lifting up our hands to Him.
  2. We praise Him with our spoken words.
  3. We praise Him with our music and instruments.
  4. We praise Him with songs and singing.
  5. We praise Him with dancing…

“Let them praise His name with dancing; Let them sing praises to Him with timbrel and lyre.”  Psalm 149:3

When I am worshiping the Lord my heart and soul becomes so full of the love and joy of the spirit that I cannot contain it.

Let the spirit sore freely inside you and through you causing you to express your love and joy to the Lord in whatever way comes naturally to you.




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