Loving Ourselves: The Foundation of a Fulfilling Life

I love this post… a lot of great advice and encouraging words for all of us.


“Dare to love yourself

as if you were a rainbow

with gold at both ends.”

– Aberjhani

Do you know how special you are?

Like fingerprints, we’re each a one of a kind.

Allow me to tell you a little story about myself.

I spent so much of my childhood desperately wanting to be the “same,” to be accepted, to have a place that I belonged. I constantly repressed and condemned parts of myself because  I knew that being true would likely come with isolation, rejection, or misunderstanding – the last thing any teenager would want. I avoided any opportunity to speak my truth, quietly giving the platform to those I was surrounded with in order to avoid any shake up in the narrative. I allowed myself to become an echo of whoever I found myself around. Issues surrounding self-esteem and self-worth ran rampant throughout this period of time. I hated my body. I…

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